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How To Lose Weight
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Have you been trying to lose weight, but you’re not having much success? If you are, you’re definitely not alone. In this article, we’re going to go over the 10 foods that you need to get rid of if you want to have success. So what are the foods that are getting us into trouble?

Many of us struggle with losing weight. It’s not a natural process for our bodies, and sometimes we just struggle knowing where to start.  Exercise is essential, but it’s not the whole picture.

It really boils down to finding ways of eating that work with you and your body. However, no matter what eating plan you go with, as you’re trying to lose weight, there are certain foods that we know are going to get you in trouble.

The following list isn’t all-inclusive, because there are tons of foods out there that are bad for you, but these are some of the most popular.


#1 – Potato

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot fresh serving of McDonald’s french fries? Sadly, however, it does take its toll on your waistline. French fries and potato chips are both very high in calories. They are quickly broken down and converted to sugar in the body and can easily turn into fat.

Several studies show that consuming french fries and potato chips are linked to weight gain. It’s no surprise that potato chips may contribute to more weight gain per serving than any other food. So it makes sense to eliminate or keep them at a minimum if you’re trying to slim that waist.


#2 – Sugary Drinks

This probably should be number one, as it is probably one of the worst things for you that we consume on a regular basis. Weight Loss TipsThey have a strong association with weight gain. Amazingly enough, consuming one can of regular soda on a daily basis could add on about 10 pounds to the average person in a year.

They contain a lot of calories, but your brain doesn’t perceive them as food. As such, you’re more likely to overindulge because it doesn’t make you feel full. Do yourself a favor and stick to some cool water with lemon and cucumber.


#3 – White Bread

White bread is a chewable form of sugary drinks. Most of the fiber and nutrients which lead the grain to be digested slowly are stripped away when wheat is processed into white flour.

Alternatively, it’s converted to sugar in the body and increases your sugar levels. Also, because there’s not much fiber, you’re highly likely to eat more of it.

As a result, there is an eventual spike in your insulin levels, which is your enemy when you’re trying to lose weight. If you decide on eating bread, be sure you make it whole grain and still keep those portions low.


#4 – Candy Bars

These, of course, are quite unhealthy and are the perfect mix of sugar, oils, and refined flours. There aren’t many other foods that can pack in as many calories in a small package as you find in a candy bar.

Worst of all, they’re usually placed in strategic places in the store, like the checkout lines. Try to resist that temptation and avoid them if you want to make progress in your goals.


#5 – Fruit Juice

This particular drink deceives a lot of us because we think it is healthy. Fruit is a great way to satisfy that sweet tooth and, in moderation, is a perfectly healthy part of a good diet.Diet Tips

The problem comes in when we drink it as a juice. The first issue is that most commercial fruit juices contain more than just juice. There are usually added sugars that make this worse. Even if it’s 100 percent juice, it can still hold you back when you’re trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, when making the juice they’re usually getting rid of the fiber, pulp, and the other things that come with the fruit itself. Consequently, it’s a lot easier for your body to absorb the sugars, increasing your insulin and making you gain weight.

Also, due to the reduced fiber, you wind up consuming more calories than you would if you just ate the fruit. Therefore, if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, stick with the whole fruit and ditch that morning glass of OJ.


#6 – Pastries

This is another area of temptation and they’re readily available in the form of cookies, cakes, muffins, and pies. They’re filled with refined sugars and flours and sometimes oils that can really sidetrack your goals. Plus, most of the store-bought kinds are loaded with trans fatty acids, which are very harmful when it comes to cholesterol and heart disease.

The other downside is because they’re so high in sugars and low in nutrients, you’re more likely to feel hungry sooner after consuming them.


#7 – Beer

We’ve all heard about the beer belly and that’s with good reason. Beer is similar to soda and other sugary drinks because it contains a lot of carbohydrates. And just like all others, will increase your blood sugar, triggering the insulin response and lead to weight gain.

As a result, you may want to consider cutting back on alcohol or skipping it altogether.


Whole Foods Diet


#8 – Ice Cream

Who among us hasn’t indulged in that late-night bowl of ice cream? Unfortunately, it’s not very healthy. It’s super high in calories and loaded with sugar. Small amounts on occasion can be fine, but it’s easy to overdo it and eat a lot in one go.

Doing things like making your own ice cream and using less sugar and more natural ingredients can help. Also, serve it in a smaller bowl and don’t eat from the carton. That way, you keep your portions smaller.


#9 – Pizza


We all love a hot slice of pizza. Regrettably, it’s filled with calories and usually made from refined flour and processed meats. This has the perfect combination of carbs and unhealthy fats and that’s what gets us in deep trouble.

Better options are choosing the cauliflower crust or a thin crust. Better yet, make it at home with more whole grain and healthier toppings.


#10 – Coffee Beverages

This is a big one that a lot of us have in common. If you want to lose weight, you have to bypass high-calorie coffee drinks. I’m sorry to say this but, that big coffee chain staring with an ‘S’ is not your friend. One of the biggest offenders on their menu is the caramel crunch frappuccino.

This decadent drink comes in at a whopping 490 calories, 22 grams of fat, and 68 grams of sugar. That will surely not help you fit into that swimsuit that you desire. In reality, any type of empty liquid calories will push you further from your goals. Save yourself some money and unnecessary calories by steering clear of these types of beverages.


Final Thoughts

As you can see from this list, many of these foods have a lot in common. They’re all highly processed junk foods that are loaded with added sugars, fats, and refined flour.

These are the kinds of foods that are responsible for our current obesity pandemic. Thankfully, you can reach your weight loss goals by simply keeping away from them. As with anything, moderation is the key! Just make sure they’re not a part of your typical diet.

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Read the labels carefully. Avoid foods with added sugars and fats and stay away from things that are processed. The closer you can get to a whole food diet, the better off you’re going to be.

You’re now armed with the top 10 foods that you need to avoid to help you lose weight. It certainly isn’t an inclusive list. There are lots of other foods out there that you should also avoid. Hopefully, this will give you a great start, so you can make wise food choices that will lead to your everyday health and well-being.


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